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Well-Being & Inner Awareness

Through the Horses' Eyes

Start Living!
Since 2003, I have been providing my clients with my services as a coach in well-being and inner awareness through the horses’ eyes ™.

My horses and I welcome you to a totally unique healing experience at all levels of your life.

My services have helped many of my clients break free of toxic addictions, find a balance in their daily lives, regain their power and find the tools they need to put the changes into practice.

How does a session unfold?

The course of a session differs from person to person.
My horses are the Conductors.

Because they live in the present moment the horses will manifest themselves according to your present energy, they will then know what needs to be healed within you. They represent a part of our life experiences, our ambitions, our fears, our way of seeing life and who we are.

Throughout the sessions, I accompany you and share the messages that horses communicate to me for you. Everything takes place with respect for humans and horses as well as all other animals that come to you.

All the work is done on the ground next to the horses.

No experience with horses are required

Hello, my name is Christine Tupper, creator and founder of Shamanica Stables Centre for your Well-being and Inner Awareness Though the Horses’ Eyes™.

  A discovery in oneself!

Take control of your life.
 Come join my free roaming herd of 13 horses and Lily the donkey, in a journey to live a healing, an awakening, a help at all levels in front of different situations that prevent you from making the most of your daily life. 

Discover who you are.
Inner Awareness is an in-depth work to help people from all walks of life who face challenges or obstacles in their daily lives.

"It requires a great openness to allow a horse to heal our soul" ~ Christine

Meditation, Well-Being and Inner Awareness Through the Horses'  Eyes™


"Time stops, no clock, the only ticking you hear is the beating of your heart synchronized with that of the horse." The birds sing along with the music of the wind in the leaves that adds to the rhythm of the sound of your foot steps." Christine Tupper 2003


"Each season will offer you its most beautiful colours: summer is all green with its scent of moss, autumn that shines its colours from green to purple, winter covered of white grazing a breeze of frost and spring discovering its buds and aroma accompanied by the song of birds."

Christine Tupper 1993 "

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