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Well-Being & Inner Awareness
Through the Horses' Eyes

You Own Your Life!
Start living!

Take control of your life.
Accompanied or not by my herd of horses, you'll experience inner healing, an awakening, a help in front of different
situations that prevent you from making the most of your daily life.

Discover your full potentials.
Inner Awareness is an in-depth work to help people who face challenges or obstacles in their daily lives.

How to free yourself from limiting beliefs you carry consciously or unconsciously which stop you from reaching your goals.

If your inner voice is choked by beliefs that hold you back from your full potential, enter this journey of realization.

The horses whispered in my ears... An experience to be lived! A well-being that is felt!

“Whispers of the Soul: Understanding Horses Beyond Words”


In the gentle silence of the stable, a deep connection is established, invisible to the eyes but palpable in every movement, every exchanged breath. My brain and my horses are linked by a unique bond, woven through years of mutual trust, subtle communication, and equestrian harmony.


In the complex meanders of my mind, thoughts intertwine, twist, and unfold, forming paths that converge with a single purpose: understanding my horses. Every interaction, every exchange, is a silent dialogue where my thoughts intertwine with theirs.


My horses, sensitive and receptive, capture every nuance of my state of mind, every veiled intention in my thoughts. They respond with astonishing sensitivity, adjusting their behaviour to align with the flow of my mind or that of my clients.


It is in this continuous exchange that the magic of our connection resides. Our minds intertwine like the threads of a complex tapestry, creating a living artwork where the language of the body, the whispers of the soul, and the beats of the heart merge into a symphony of movement and understanding.


Thus, every time I am with my horses, I am aware of the power of this mental connection, this invisible web that unites our minds in an eternal dance of harmony and respect.

Equine-assisted Mindfulness coaching

I'm inviting you to live a life-changing experience that will transform your life.

A process of your inner transformations.

Each session is the realization and reinforcement of all the potential that was sleeping within you.

— Surpass the daily pitfalls

— Own your Leadership

— Affirm to BE who you are

— Put into action a project

— Free yourself of limiting beliefs you carry within.

— Rediscover your inner balance

Consultations are available with or without the horses.

Energy healing — Aromatherapy

Specialized in energy healing and aromatherapy,
so that you can regain your inner balance without losing it. 

For your furry friends

Energy healing & Animal communicator — Animal Aromatherapy


The well-being of animals has always been of importance to me. With my certifications and specialties in energy healing and animal aromatherapy, I can accompany your pet in its process of well-being. 


Discover the benefits of a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Our sessions are tailored to your needs so that you can achieve your goals.

Thanks to Caroline Leroux, animal communicator, after having lived the experience in France with Christine DÖRR, Écurie Shamanica is honoured to welcome the creator of the Équi-Constellations® Circles to offer two workshops in Quebec.

It was only after our discussions that we agreed to introduce Equi-Constellation® through my horses' eyes.

But first, out of respect for my horses, I had to ask them if they would be willing to take part in the Equi-Constellation® Circle with Christine DÖRR. It didn't take long for the whole herd to agree and whisper to me

"She's nice Christine."

What is Equi-constellation®?  It's a unique form of accompaniment that Christine DÖRR has created by combining family constellation, her Navajo tribal ritual teachings and horse medicine.

" - How does a group equi-constellation® work?

The person wishing to free him/herself from the burden of his/her ancestors, the constellant, briefly explains his/her problem and request. The constellant then chooses a person from the group to represent him/her, and then, at the constellator's request, any family members who may be useful for the equi-constellation®. These may be living or deceased people, or a particular concept or event such as love, support, or an accident.

The constellant is first and foremost an observer of the scene, but at a precise moment, he or she can join his or her representative to, in turn, take his or her rightful place and feel what is emerging. The horse or horses present are chosen beforehand by the participants, as they immerse themselves in the horde. It may also be the horse that chooses a human and then accompanies them for the equi-constellation®. During the equi-constellation®, the horse is completely free to move around the characters and embody what needs to be embodied. We specify who represents a human in the family story being played out, but we cannot impose a role on a horse. Trust is therefore essential, and the horse surprises us with the way he looks at the characters, the way he places them, and the way he moves them. Through the scenario that unfolds, horses and humans bring to light what the constellant carries through family loyalty.

Blockages, traumas, repetitive patterns... take on meaning, and a real awareness is often immediate, followed by a feeling of lightness, legitimacy and, above all, openness of heart.


  • The benefits of Equi-Constellation® workshop

— Restoring order to the family system

— Bringing a problem to light

— Relieve and liberate

— Restoring the right place

— Enabling the family system to evolve towards greater harmony

— regain self-confidence and self-esteem".

Workshop dates:

2-day workshop: August 24-25, 2024 (group of 7)

Duration per day: 9:00 @ 18:00

September 2-3, 2024 (group of 7) COMPLETE

Bring your lunch

Places are limited, so register directly with Maka Wakan.

To receive the registration form, go HERE

Accommodation in the region


Your equine therapists


A herd of horses that chose me, having the same mission of life to help the human

in his quest to rediscover himself in order to better advance towards his goals.


They welcome you, guide you and accompany you so that you may find in you the answers to your well-being.


Each horse accompanies you voluntarily according to your needs.

Coaching avec les chevaux ecurieshamanic
Atelier de groupe Comment se libérer du
Christine Tupper Life path coach-

Hello, my name is Christine Tupper, creator and founder of Shamanica Stables Centre for your Well-being and Inner Awareness Through the Horses’ Eyes™.

Since 2003, I have been providing my clients with my services as a coach in well-being and inner awareness.

My horses and I welcome you to a unique healing experience at all levels of your life.



  A discovery in oneself!

"It requires a great openness to allow a horse to heal our soul" ~ Christine Tupper

"Time stops, no clock, the only ticking you hear is the beating of your heart synchronized with that of the horse." The birds sing along with the music of the wind in the leaves that adds to the rhythm of the sound of your footsteps." Christine Tupper 2003

Please note that the Shamanica Wellness Centre is not a riding centre or a place to organize a farm visit. Nor do we offer horse boarding. We are a personal and professional development centre.  Thank you for your understanding.

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