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Arôma animal well-being
Animal Aromatherapy Specialist

I have been passionate about animal welfare since I can remember. I loved reading books about veterinary medicine and animal behaviour. Life meant that I was unable to pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian, however, this did not extinguish my passion for their well-being. Instead, I developed what was innate in me, the holistic path to health and well-being that I also apply to humans. The two go hand in hand.


My specialization in animal aromatherapy is an asset to my knowledge of medicinal plants, my experience in animal coaching and communication and human-animal energy healing. This is to better guide you and support you and your animal towards your mutual well-being.


Essential oils are part of my daily life when applied topically according to a synergy of essential oils well-chosen according to their molecular compositions to help relieve discomfort. Diffused to help concentrate or relax better. ​


As essential oils work in synergy with our molecules and cells to support us towards better well-being, they will not camouflage the problem in the short term. ​


Getting good advice based on your pet's needs is the best way to achieve optimal long-term health. ​


I only work with essential oils of therapeutic grade and quality, which ensures that your animal is not exposed to the risks of toxicity that can be found in cheap oils. ​


Here is where I step in to support your pet towards a better quality of life.

Find out how essential oils can optimize your pet's health.

How to optimize your pet’s health?


We start with a consultation, to determine what its needs are, in order to choose which essential oils or ranges of support products your pet will need to benefit from better health and well-being on a daily basis.

Hessentielles arôma bien-être animal


Animal Aromatherapy — Well-being, Musculoskeletal & Behavioural

  • Horses

  • Cats

  • Dogs

  • Poultry and farm animals

Hessentielles arôma bien-être animal
Hessentielles arôma bien-être animal

Golden rules to follow:

Ensure that the person who accompanies your animal has completed training which certifies that they are specialized in animal aromatherapy according to each species and that they only use pure and certified essential oils of therapeutic quality.

Hessentielles arâma bien-être animal

My certifications

Animal Aromatherapy Specialist


Scientific and Clinical Aromatherapy
Essential oils specialist

Equine welfare and management

Essential Oil Vet Network of Certified Animal Aromatherapy Consultants

Hessentielles arôma bien-être animal

I read that essential oils are toxic and can make my pet sick. ​


Yes, a cheap essential oil, scented aerosols and commercial scented diffusers that you plug in should be avoided both for your health and that of your animal. It is important to choose your essential oils carefully. A quality essential oil costs more except that it is not toxic for your animal or your environment.


Cheap essential oil is likely to be more harmful to one's health because it has not been tested for therapeutic quality or has been diluted or adulterated with synthetic substances. ​


Lavender with its growing popularity is the best example of an essential oil that sells cheaply except that it is not certified pure or therapeutic. It will be aromatic grade and adulterated with chemicals and synthetics that are toxic and irritants.

For a virtual or in-person consultation

I've known and trusted Christine for years for her work with horses. This year, I explored and appreciated her work with essential oils for animals.

Christine came to work with my cat, Cocotte, an 18-year-old Persian with kidney failure.

Christine advised me on essential oils to help her. At a time when Cocotte was experiencing a rapid drop in energy, each application of the recommended oils revitalized her and enabled her to regain her strength and recover.

I warmly recommend Christine for her attentiveness, professionalism, and deep respect for the animal and its guardian.

Many thanks Christine

Hélène G - 2021

Hello Christine,

My dog Wally's recovery is going well. He's gradually getting back into his routine. I'm so pleased with the information you gave me in your last conversation with him.  It was a great help in choosing the different treatment plans that the vet suggested.

The use of essential oils in Wally's illness has been much appreciated, and your regular follow-up has been a guide and comfort to us all.

Lung X-ray follow-up: no metastasis, he's in remission!

Thank you for your special skill.

See you soon!

Josette and Wally - 2023


Learning Centre Essential Oil Vet (external affiliate link)

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Dr. Janet Roark is a specialized essential oil veterinarian.

The natural and holistic health approach in no way replaces the care of a veterinarian. If you have any concerns about your pet's health, I recommend that you consult your veterinarian first.

At no time will I diagnose, treat or cure your pet's health problems. Once again, this is the domain of veterinarians.

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