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huile essentielle camomille romaine

Hessentielles-arôma for you and your pets
Aromatherapy using essential oils

The other side of me

You already know me for the services I have been offering since 2003 in wellness coaching and inner discovery through the eyes of horses, in energy healing, in animal communication and NLP and AnthroPaNimaL coaching, as well as for my training. The other side of my career is also present and worth discovering!     

I have always been passionate about the well-being that nature brings to us through its array of plants and herbs. Guided by Lilianne Bergeron Croteau Naturopath, she opened a door for me by teaching me the lexicon of medicinal plants. Since 1998, she accompanied me for three years in my steps, always making sure that I had well assimilated the properties of the plants by their compositions and their uses. Even today, 20 years later, after her passing, I am grateful for all the beautiful knowledge she transmitted to me.


In 2004, I discovered essential oils for my personal use and that of my horses and chickens. In order to improve my knowledge in the field of natural wellness, I started to follow trainings in aromatherapy to learn more about essential oils to better accompany you and your furry companions, One Drop at a Time.

My aromatherapy background started with Carolann Durand, then I specialized myself in animal aromatherapy with Dr. Janet Roark.

Using essential oils safely is my priority, either It's for you or your animals.

The importance of knowing the molecular composition of essential oils was essential for me, it allowed me to understand the use of each essential oil and their synergies. Knowing how essential oils of therapeutic grades can accompany us and contribute to a better well-being.


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Citrus Fruits

Optimize your health



Optimize your pet's health

Animal Aromatherapy

huile essentielle camomille romaine

Essential Oils


Note that the word healing is not used in the proper medical sense that belongs to the lexicon of the College of Physicians. The word healing in this text is used in its vulgar dictionary definition to describe a personal realization of healing the inner wounds.

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