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Shamanica Wellness Centre through the horses' eyes

Circle of Forgiveness among horses

Circle of Forgiveness though the horses' eyes

Shamanica Wellness Centre invites you to live a unique experience

thanks to the presence of its horses who volunteer to accompany you throughout the ritual.

September 18, 2022 will be the 4ᵉ edition of the International Day of Forgiveness.

Eyes light up, hearts calm down, smiles shine, and emotional wounds are healed.


Self Discovery and Circle of Forgiveness through the horses' eyes.

As soon as you arrive, you will experience the first moments of self-discovery through the horses' eyes, such will be the energy of the group perceived by the horses. My horses are wonderful therapists who volunteer to guide you on your journey.

To begin the experience of Self Discovery, each participant is invited to make the first contact with the horses in order to discover what lies within you. This moment is the initiation to the liberation of the wounds you carry.

Afterwards, you are invited to join the Circle of Forgiveness animated by Lydie Ujeneza, animator of the Circle of Forgiveness according to the teaching of Olivier Clerc. Lydie participated as a Forgiveness Circle animator among horses in 2018, she continued with me this Self Discovery and Forgiveness Circle workshop through the horses' eyes throughout the 2019 season.

This simple, yet highly effective 4-step trans-personal forgiveness ritual is meant to heal our own wounds, to free our hearts from grudges, resentments or even feelings of hatred that we have accumulated over the years. All this prevents us from loving fully! By freeing ourselves, it allows us to open up to love, to regain our freedom and power and to discover our true nature!

During the Circle of Forgiveness ritual, I observe the personalized messages that my horses communicate and manifest. Between each step of the ritual, when you join my horses, I share the ongoing process of what my horses are manifesting in order to better understand what is being released within you and to guide you through your inner healing.

The presence and contact with the horses is unique, with the power and magic of the herd's energy. They voluntarily accompany you during the ritual, which amplifies the healing process.

I am looking forward to share with you this wonderful moment!


Self Discovery and Circle of Forgiveness through the horses' eyes

September 18, 2022 will be the 4ᵉ edition of the International Day of Forgiveness.

Arrival: 15 minutes before the start. Plan for traffic conditions to arrive on time.

Duration of workshop:
*3 hours* (depending on the number of participants).

Starts at 11:00 ends at 2:00 pm

September 18, 2022

You will need :

Bug repellent
To dress according to the season and the weather of the day. Raincoat - coat - vest
Boots and/or closed-toe running shoes (see dress code).

Fee: $97 per person.

Snacks and beverages available

Reservation is mandatory, please confirm your registration, as places are limited.
NON-REFUNDABLE if you cancel your participation, but TRANSFERABLE for any other activity offered.

An event may be rescheduled due to weather conditions that are a safety risk and out of our control or due to lack of participants, you will be informed by email as soon as possible. In the event of a complete cancellation on our part with no possibility of rescheduling, you will be refunded.

A minimum of 10 confirmed registrations is required for the workshop to take place. A confirmed registration is a paid participation.

* The duration of the workshop is a maximum of 3 hours, depending on the number of participants.

Dress code:

Wear clothes that are suitable for the season and weather; sweater, raincoat, jacket, warm coat, hat, glove.

Only closed shoes such as: boots, running shoes are permitted at all times, any type or model of sandals or shoes are forbidden anywhere around the horses.


Carry with you sunscreen and bug repellent.

Code of ethics around the horses: It is not permitted to carry food on the premises or to give treats to the horses. For your security, it is important to listen to the guides lines given when around the horses.


I look forward to sharing with you. For further information, please go to the Contact Page.

Découverte en Soi et Cercle de Pardon
Cercle de Pardon à travers les yeux des chevaux™

Self Discovery and Circle of Forgiveness through the horses' eyes

Christine Tupper and Sandra Friedrich are pioneers in offering the Forgiveness Circle in the midst of horses, Christine and Sandra partnered in the spring of 2016 to join their skills to bring you the full power of heart healing on all levels.

The Forgiveness Circle in the Midst of Horses is a team effort between Sandra Friedrich, a certified Forgiveness Circle animator based on the teachings of Olivier Clerc, and Christine Tupper, a wellness coach through the horses' eyes.

When Sandra met Christine, her motivation was to extend forgiveness to the animal kingdom. Christine's horses are in this type of energy of wanting to accompany, in a voluntary way, people who ask for it. This means that not all horses can hold a circle and agree to participate. Christine's herd is stable and has grown together. In addition, they have been working with humans for over 15 years.

Why offer Forgiveness Circles among horses? While Sandra leads the Circle of Forgiveness, the horses talk to Christine. They communicate to her what each person present needs to work on in order for forgiveness to occur internally. Throughout the circle, Christine observes the movement of the horses as they change as the circle ritual progresses.

A circle is a powerful time to come together and heal the wounds of the heart. During the 3 hours of the ritual, Sandra accompanies the participants to live powerful, simple and highly effective experiences of forgiveness.

This power is enhanced by the fact that each step of the ritual is experienced with both humans and horses. In these intervals, the participants receive messages from the horses, which opens the doors to healing the wounds of the heart.

This creates encounters that open up to love and allow us to find our freedom and discover our true nature.

                                                                                                                                                                           2017/ Christine and Sandra

Christine Tupper et Sandra Friedrich 2017

Christine, Founder of Shamanica Wellness Centre Though the Horses' Eyes

Christine Tupper _ Écurie Shamanica.JPG

Sandra, Circle of Forgiveness, Animator

Sandra Cercle de Pardon

Lydie Circle of Forgiveness, Animator

Cercle des Pardon à travers les yeux des chevaux



Dear Christine and Sandra

Foremost, thank you for having made us live, Janine and I, these blessed moments of reconciliation with oneself... these moments of pause where we take the time to dive inside ourselves to eliminate a part of our mental toxins... I was very touched, even moved and inspired by the intensity of what I perceived around me... this sharing of emotions, of awareness and especially of love that I was able to feel has already pushed me to share it with others.

Your presence to both of you gives us an opportunity to stop... yes, a stop in the scattering in which the daily life plunges us continuously... this scattering which disconnects us from the power of our internal being.

The encounter with this noble animal does not try to intellectualize a message... its presence disconcerts us at first, pushes our reference points at the level of presence and ''condemns'' us (in the good sense!) to be present with ourselves and finally gives us the opportunity to welcome ourselves... to forgive ourselves... to be at peace with ourselves and consequently to make peace with those who reactivate our injuries.

Even on a grey day, you are, Christine and Sandra, two rays of sunshine... two rays that warm... thank you for your beautiful presence... thank you for existing!

With love and gratitude

Pierre G

Hello Christine

I thank you for the beautiful work with the horses, it was a magical experience.

Christiane Y

Only at Écurie Shamanica can you live such an experience. The truth, the pure life.

We are sitting, the horses are free around us, and Christine hears and notes all the messages while we do the Circle of Forgiveness ritual.

Her horses are calm, gentle, beautiful, and very human-like even though they live a true horse life, free and in a herd. It is rare to be in the middle of 14 free horses!

They decide to come to us and to pass on to us of their own free will, without any obligation or constraint.

I wish everyone to give themselves this gift.

Lise D.

Thank you to Christine, her beautiful horses and Sandra.

The Circle of Forgiveness brings us the inner awakening we need to heal our wounds.

Christine's work, although discreet during the Circle of Forgiveness, is magical as she transmits the messages that the horses share with her to help and guide us through the ritual. Her expertise in communicating with horses remains imperative to fully benefit from the work that comes from the horses. The messages she shares with us from the horses bring us answers that arise during the circle. Without the horses, the energy of the circle would not be the same.

Christine and Sandra do an exclusive and unforgettable teamwork.
Thank you again



Circle of Forgiveness through the horses' eyes
Self Discovery and Circle of Forgiveness among horses

©Shamanica Wellness Centre Through the horses' eyes / ©Centre de Bien-être et Découverte en Soi à Travers les yeux des chevaux - Écurie Shamanica

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