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Communication and energy healing for animals

According to the innate technique I have been using since 1978 which I have been perfecting for more than 25 years, it is possible to communicate with animals to understand their behaviour and help them heal.


All services are by appointment only.

Copie de DSCF7057.JPG

Like humans, animals have blockages and traumas; they are recorded as "negative memory or cellular memories". This can cause the animal to have some stress or non-respective behaviours towards us humans or other animals, or even diseases or discomforts.

Because animals do not speak words but use body language, too often we do not know the source of these behaviours and the causes. My work involves reprogramming the animals' DNA, which allows them to get better behaviour and a more relaxed understanding of their surroundings. Each case is unique!  I also work with the owner of the animal, and together you will benefit from the care.

George the Groundhog benefited from energy healing when he was rescued and has been since released.

George day 2
George Image 2016-06
George 2017

 "Hello Christine,
I was speechless when I read the messages that my horse gave you and the result of the energy healing he received. Thank you!
M.D. " 2018

How does it work?

I need the following information:

Your name and surname
Type and breed of your pet
His name and nickname if needed specify
His age

A detailed description of the problems, discomfort, or illness.
You can add a picture of your pet.

If I have questions about you or your pet, I'll let you know. Once the communications and energy healing are over, I will send you a report.


Price for one animal $125.00
Method of payment: Interac e-Transfer 

Contact information for Interac e-Transfer payments will be emailed to you upon receiving your request.


Energy healing does not replace the professional care of a professional veterinarian 

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