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Optimize the health and well-being of your animals

Fascinated since my childhood for the well-being of all living beings, whether through energy care or aromatherapy, my love for animals allows me to accompany them and be their voice when they are in need to be heard or understood. 

Communication and energy healing for animals


My experience using the innate technique that I have used since 1978 in communication and energy healing, which I have since perfected, is an asset to helping your animal regain well-being and communicate its needs to you.

Animal energy healing session

Just like humans, animals can have blockages and trauma; they are recorded as “negative memory or even cellular memories”. This can cause the animal to have certain stress or non-respectful behaviours towards us humans, or even cause discomfort in your animal.


Because animals do not speak words, but use body language, too often we ignore the source of these behaviours and the causes. My work involves reprogramming an animal's DNA, which allows it to achieve better behaviour and a more relaxed understanding of its surroundings. Each case is unique! ​


I work with the energy of the Plane of Existence, which allows me to communicate without interference. Your animal is the most important being at this moment. As I do not work with angels, guides or other forms of energy, it is unlikely that your animal will communicate your secrets to me to confirm that it is really him. He communicates these needs to me above all, and recognizes my energy as caring.

The session is done remotely when there is no need for energetic touch manipulation. Communication occurs when the animal accepts this connection.

How can I receive communication and energy healing for my animal?


I need the following information by email:


Email me requesting energy healing for your pet.

Your first and last name

Your email address


I will send you

a form to fill out with details about your pet.

You can add a photo of your pet.

e-Transfer details


If any questions arise during the session, I will communicate with you. Once the communication is completed, you will receive the summary of notes.

Fee: 125$


Please note that I do not search for lost animals.

I do not communicate with animals that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge

unless your pet's soul presents itself in an energy healing session for yourself.

George the marmot benefited from energy healing when he was rescued and has been since released.

George day 2
George Image 2016-06
George 2017

 “Hello Christine,

I was speechless when I read the messages that my horse gave you and the result of the energy healing he received. Thank you!
M.D.” 2018

Copie de DSCF7057.JPG

My team of specialist communicators who have followed the Naïma Epona Communication and Energy Healing for animals training course.

  • Christine Tupper : Fonder

  • Helene Goulet : Member of my team

  • Mélanie Racicot : Member of my team, French only

  • Lily Dubarle : Member of my team

  • Lucie Lavoie : Member of my team: Decease pets French only

  • Jannick Parent : Member of my team: Canine behavioural

  • Émilie Desmonds : Member of my team, French only

For team members without a direct link, please specify in your request the name if not mine.

“Hello Christine,

My dog ​​Wally's recovery is going well. He gradually resumes his little routine.


I'm so happy with the information you gave me during your last conversation with him. They were of great help to me in choosing the different treatment plans that the veterinarian offered me. ​


I doubted the veracity of telepathic communication with an animal. It seemed to me that it was a fantasy...I am now pleased to have had an open mind to try the experience.


All the explanations and answers to my questions that you gave me during your communications with Wally were invaluable to me, whether for behavioural problems or illnesses. ​


The use of essential oils in Wally's illness was greatly appreciated, and your regular monitoring guides and comforts us. ​


I know Wally communicates with you on occasion, and this eases my worry because I know he is no longer alone and has a way to communicate with me through you. ​


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the energy healing you give me, which harmonizes the relationship between me and Wally. ​


Some things are beyond us...and I had to overcome my beliefs to understand that the intangible exists.


Thank you for your special skill.


See you soon” Josette and Wally 2023 ​


Result of Wally's lung X-ray: no metastasis, he is in remission!!! - 2024

Energy healing does not replace the professional care of a professional veterinarian 

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