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Shamanica Stables For your Well-being Through the Horses' Eyes

An invitation to participate in group workshops with my horses

Life Path Coaching Through the Horses' Eyes
Meditation, Well-Being and Inner Awareness Through the Horses' Eyes

This is an invitation to live this unique experience of well-being that will transform your life.
Work with the wisdom of horses to discover the root of what prevents you from advancing in your life and discover how to free yourself of it.

Coaching with horses-Workshops
Gestural Communication and  Inner Awareness
Through the Horses' Eyes

Let the horse guide you to better understand and how to rediscover who you are. All is done step by step and according to the horse that will teach you the understanding of your body language.

Circle of Forgiveness among horses
Self Discovery and Circle of Forgiveness
Through the horses' eyes


You are invited to live an experience that is unique thanks to the presence of my horses who volunteer by assisting you throughout the ritual.


Meditate with horses - Écurie Shamanica Through the Horses' Eyes
For an Awakening
Meditate among horses


You have received a call from the horses for a contact with them in the privacy of you own space? Give yourself an hour of relaxation in their presence to meditate, to be energized or even to practice yoga among horses.

Group workshops-coaching with horses

Mindfulness workshops
 I am

How to put our projects, our events into action? Without settling doubts that lead to failure. Many beliefs have been installed during our life that are no longer useful.

It's time to change!
Here's how !!!


Claude Dec 30, 2017

I had a calling to find myself near horses, a need to recharge my energy. I have been to equestrian centres without them really answering my call until I hear about your Shamanica Stables Centre. The people who spoke to me about you and your horses had only beautiful thoughts for you. I was attracted by the Meditation and inner awareness workshop through the horses' eyes but as I waited too long I had to wait until next spring to live the experience. I asked her if I could still come to get some energy among her horses, that's where she told me about the workshop "For an awakening, a meditation among horses without interpretations" less in demand but offered year-round. I jumped on this occasion without any regrets. What I experienced in less than an hour was as if the horses had given me wings. The place, the horses and Christine make a whole that one feels at the moment that one sets foot. Unique and sublime was my experience. Thank you Christine for conveying this precious message that your horses insisted that you share with me, I still do not understand how you manage to decipher their messages with as much precision just to watch them. Thank you, messenger horses, for allowing me to be in your midst and for having a real spiritual connection.

Note: For all group sessions :

to register :

to book your place, the payment is required in advance.

Dressing code:

Wear clothes that is suitable for the season and weather; sweater, raincoat, jacket, warm coat, hat, glove.

Only closed shoes such as: boots, running shoes are permitted at all times, any type or model of sandals or shoes are forbidden anywhere around the horses.

Carry with you sunscreen and bug repellent.

Code of ethics around the horses It is not permitted to carry food on the premises or to give treats to the horses.


I look forward to sharing with you. For further information, please go to the Contact Page.

Gift idea !


You  know someone who would surely benefit from the privilege of being assisted by horses to solve a particular situation in their life. Offer an applicable gift certificate.


What a nice gift to offer to a special person who can even be yourself!

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