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NLP Coaching and Energy healing for your well-being
How can I help you to reach your goals?

The most beautiful success is to have the tools to achieve it!

On a different level of inner healing, which I am very familiar with and have perfected over the years to help with physical or emotional problems or limiting beliefs. I work in collaboration with the care you are already receiving in traditional or holistic medicine. Therefore, I will work with the same energy source as my horses. This energy is that of the Creator who is also called, according to each belief, the Source, the Life, the Divine, the Universe, God, the All.

In the simplicity of using my inner intuition, turning to the Unconditional Love of the Creator to do the “work” and witness the work that is being done in you.

By applying NLP and aromatherapy to my techniques, the experience of a consultation is liberating on many levels.

« Mind and body are indivisible parts of the same system » and « Changing our experience of reality, changes our reality »


An overview of what we can work on together

Well-being: From our birth, we are sponges, our DNA according to the Plan of Life is modified through our learning, our teachings, the beliefs, and superstitions that surround us. When we realize that there are obstacles that prevent us from moving forward or from healing, we are already in the healing process. We proceed then by means of the digging of beliefs, this technique is used as much by traditional or holistic medicine to find the key source of a belief. This is the first and most important step towards a better well-being or a successful realization.

Disorder: Despite advanced technology, it happens that this technology oversees the "bobo" and we remain unaware of the cause. Finding what causes discomfort in you is a healthy guide for you to a better life in everyday life. Heal the soul to heal the body.

Manifestations:  Learn how to manifest health, love, a job, a better income, etc. By working on beliefs that are holding you back, you allow yourself to reach your goals. Go beyond your limits and start receiving!

The Goal:  To help you find a goal that is attainable and achievable for you. Based on experiences, proposed techniques are used to modify sustainably the behaviours that prevent us from realizing ourselves fully. The focus is on "how to get better" rather than “why it's all wrong”.


At no time does it replace doctors and health care specialists, this is an extraordinary tool for assisting you to teach your body and cells that it is possible to heal.

Consultations are available by appointment only, the number of meetings is determined according to your needs.

I invite you to contact me to determine your personal, professional, or family needs.

"Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values ​​become your destiny.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Accompanying you on your journey is part of my mission to make your BEING shine.

My commitment is to help you achieve your goals!

How can I help you achieve your goals?

The minimum time for a session is 45 min

For best results, I suggest customized programs based on your needs.

To make an appointment

Consultations are available in person or remotely via ZOOM

Energy Healing and Theta Healing


What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing therapies have been used for thousands of years. Energy healing supports the idea that illnesses and imbalances are due to blocks or imbalances in the invisible biofield that exists in and around the body.

Working with Energy Healing techniques harmonizes the energy fields in and around the body to promote health and well-being. They may also help encourage positive thoughts and emotions.


What is Theta Healing?
Theta healing is a meditative process that helps us regain physical, psychological and spiritual well-being through focused prayer.

What is a focused prayer? It is the installation and anchoring of new programs and teachings at the cellular level.

Energy healing, it's teamwork between you and the Source and me the witness.

NLP Coaching


What is NLP?

NLP is a coordinated set of knowledge and practices in the field of personal development.

N = Neuro: related to the nervous system; has to do with the way we use our mind, our body and our five senses to perceive and experience reality.

L = Linguistic: related to language and personal expression; has to do with the way we use language and the influence it has on us and the world around us.

P = Programming: a process whereby change is effected to make states, beliefs, and behaviour patterns more efficient, useful and positive.

NLP focuses more on the «HOW» than the «WHY». It explores the «how to» and the «how to be» to bring about the most desirable transformation.

The intervention framework is solution-oriented rather than problem-oriented

Soul healing aromatherapy?


The olfactory sense is powerful, it is one of the first senses that we develop from birth.

The effects of essential oils on the brain are multiple, they support, they protect, and they have an influence on our mood and our emotions.

With the essential oils that I provide to you for this exercise, you will discover the power of your spiritual and emotional connection within your soul.

The exercises along with energy healing will help you meet your needs while freeing you both physically and emotionally.

Hello Christine,
I took a moment to write and express all the wonderful changes that healing has brought to my life. Not only did you free me from my addictions, but you also taught me to see life from a different perspective. I really like the way you work with the Creator to help people heal. You are so comforting, and you can hear every word I say, even if they all come out scrambled.


My anxiety attacks, which usually control my life, are less present since my intensive session.


Thanks Jay 2014

Denise Morier

My experience with you in theta, I always appreciate.  In 2013 Luc and I attended your workshops on abundance and theta energy healing. I remember you gave me 2 sessions to get rid of a hard lump I had in my salivary gland and it dissolved completely. Amazing!

Certified NLP Practitioner

Certified aromatherapy practitioner and consultant

Please note that at no time will I make a diagnosis or claim to cure an illness. For all emergencies, I strongly advise you to call your doctor or go to the hospital.

Note that the word healing is not used in the proper medical sense that belongs to the lexicon of the College of Physicians. The word healing in this text is used in its vulgar dictionary definition to describe a personal realization of the wounds of being.

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