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Remote message
Through the Horses' Eyes
The Horses whispered in my ears ...

You have landed on this page; this tells me that you need answers to a situation that prevents

you from taking control of your life.








​Hello and welcome to the Centre of Well-being Through the Horses’ Eyes

Since 2003 we assist wonderful clients in their journey as much in their personal and professional lives. With my horses, I developed this technique, which allows me to understand what your needs are in a way to better accompany you during your consultations towards reaching your goals:

  • How to position yourself as the leader

  • How to shine through your inner power

  • How to take back control of your life

What does this bring you more in your personal or professional life?

Knowing how to regain full control of your life with answers on what is afflicting you or stopping you from taking back your power on a daily basis.

​Get answers Through my Horses’ Eyes. From a distance, with only your full name, my herd will show me what you need to help you get clarity in your daily life. What they show me is what they feel as your most relevant needs in the present moment.

The horses whispered to me …

What kind of guiding message can you expect from my horses?

A confirmation of some questions you may have.

About something that is blocking you from going forward.

It can be an eye-opener to help you advance in life or how to put together a project.


The observational reading is how my horses manifest to me your message; I give you the message as they show me. The words used can have many significations that only you can determine the meaning and the essence of the message.  All messages are personalized and carefully noted to the very best of my understanding of what the horse or horses have to share with you as I meet with them in your name.

The message is an overview of what might be important for you in the present, elaborated with cues and ideas to help you find answers or solve a situation.



















You will receive your personalized message in a mp3 format within 3 to 15 days following your payment.

To receive assistance according to your specific needs in well-being and self-discovery through the horses’ eyes remotely or on-site. I invite you to contact me for an appointment so that we can determine the program that will be the most beneficial for you.

Centre de Bien-Être et Découverte en Soi

Looking forward to assisting you in your journey!

The horses whispered to me…

Price: $25 per message

Please advise me of your request for a message from the horses by filling out the contact form,

this way you will be assured of receiving your message in your email box.


        By PayPal                                              Or by Interac transfer to


                                                                        Secret answer: Message


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Clients feedback

Thank you Christine

The messages are right on. I play more and more and the rest will follow. I started to use my magic.  

Kisses to you XXX and thank you again


Thank you my dear Christine for these beautiful messages from the horses. I really appreciate!  I kiss you!  And I hope to see you very soon!  Because I love who you are!


Many thanks Christine! As well to the horses.

As for their falls pin point... I am in great change of diet and yes that makes me a different person and I take care of myself at the same time. However I have work to do to clearly express my emotional needs...!

Good day X X Flo

Hello Christine, Hello horses, thanks for the message, it is relevant, I will meditate, and it is quite possible that we meet for a more elaborate meeting Charles

Thank you so much Christine for your generosity and the pleasure you take in giving these messages for all of us. I'll meditate on these messages repeatedly. Thank you and thanks to the horses. I send you lots of love. I’m looking forward to cross our paths. Denise

Hello Christine!   I'm actually going through a period of resistance... Tell them I'm on the case and that I'll get there. I’m “gonna” jump that fence. I thank you for this wise intervention and hope to reunite with your splendid allies, when spring will point its nose!


Émilie Desmond recommend Écurie Shamanica. 5 stars

The horses whispered in my ears..........An experience to be lived! A well-being that is felt! I just offer me this experience distance as a gift for Christmas. I had existential questions following an accident and I must admit that the responses of the horses went even further than what I expected! Their precision and their incredible relevance brought me clarity which was missing for months! Thanks to this fabulous herd and their incredible interpreter: Christine Tupper.

PS: I am a Communicator and animal massage therapist but the power of an outside perspective not involved emotionally is always important to get out!

Thanks to Shamanica stables to support us in all humility and always with a deep generosity! It's a great gift idea!

Please take notice that in no time you can hold me responsible for decisions or non-decisions you may take following the reception of your remote message.  It is upon your free will and understanding of the given message to put or not put into action what the horses shared with you.

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