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Nahima Epona ™ Communications and energy care      Discovering our world of learning

Formation Nahima Epona Communication et

Communication and energy healing is calling you more than anything!


The method taught is the one I practice since 1978. A natural gift that I have been able to perfect over the years in order to obtain better results.  


This training will teach you how to connect yourself to communicate with animals and how to help humans regain their well-being. You will learn to use your intuition: visual-felt-vibratory and your hands to achieve a care that requires the need.


The complete program consists of 45 hours of training.


You will be surrounded by animals that will volunteer to assist you throughout your practices.    



Module 1

Enter into a communication with your soul / Recognize the voice of your soul and that of your ego

In these first three parts of the course you learn how to connect with the All and to communicate with your soul through a simple meditation.

Learn to differentiate the voice of your ego from that of your soul.

Why connect to your soul rather than your guides.

You will live your first experience in a soul-to-soul connection with animals and people.


Module 2

Communicating and understanding / Using hands to scan

Revision of Module 1

Limiting beliefs and blockages.

Trusting your intuition during communications. Each person perceives messages differently, recognizing your innate gift.

Why and when to use your hands during an energy healing?


Module 3

- Perceive the circulating energy

Revision of the first modules Your eyes perceive the energy as a whole, the energy is perfect. By learning to observe this energy we develop our visual sense. How to do a complete scan, recognize and identify discomfort or illness.  



Putting into practice

with an animal

What is the animal showing me / How do you receive the messages

At random you will communicate with animals either for an energy healing or for a behavioral problem.

You will practice the three methods: by image, by contact and by description only.  


Putting into practice

with a person

What is the person showing you / How do you perceive what they project?

You will practice and experience energy healing for yourself and for another persons.

On the premises

Duration : 9 days (twice a week)

5 hour sessions from 10:00 to 4:00 o'clock


In the comfort of your home through Skype

Duration : 18 days 

2 hours 1/2 per session from 1:00 to 3:30

Total investment:

$ 1665.00 (adults 18 plus)

$ 1095.00 (students 17 under)

When subscribing a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 required

​Payable in full on subscription or in 4 equal payments

You will receive a certificate certifying that you have followed and completed each step.

Prices are indicated in Canadian dollars

Please note that at no time energy healing will replace the care that of a veterinarian or professional physician and that no medical diagnosis can be given without any medical knowledge and training.

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