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Remote healing Through the Horses' Eyes

Remote programs Through the Horses' Eyes

An Inner Awareness session with horses without being in their presence is possible and is unique to Shamanica Stables


This program of remote consultation through the horses' eyes™ , has been developed and designed to establish your needs and guide you to the solution to free yourself from what prevents you from fully living your inner well-being. Together we work on what the horses have shared on your behalf to help you better resolve unconscious or conscious blockages that prevent you from achieving your goals in everyday life.
Even at a distance you will benefit of the same results as if you were in the middle of the herd.

Remote Coaching and Energy healing Through the Horses' Eyes

Energy Healing  
On another level of healing within that is very familiar to me and perfected over the years and according to your needs to help you with a problem or a physical or psychological block, in collaboration with the care that you already receive in traditional medicine or holistic techniques.

I will then work with the same source of energy as my horses. This energy is that of the Creator who, according to each belief, is also called the Source, Life, Divine, Universe, God, All.

No interference, no promise to make or debts in return for the care received, only the simplicity of using my innate intuition, turning to the unconditional love of the Creator to do the "work" and to be the witness.


Life path Coaching
NLP Certified Practitioner and AnthroPaNimaL ©
Certified Practitioner using the ThetaHealing® technique

During the Horseless Care Program, I will continue the horse session process according to your needs or schedule.

At no time does it replace doctors or health care specialists, they are an extraordinary tools for assisting care to teach your body and cells that it is possible to heal.





















These sessions are available via Skype or phone. The number of remote consultations is determined according to the needs of each and every one. I invite you to contact me to make an appointment and to determine your personal, professional or family needs.

All services are by appointment only

Remote Sessions with horses

Note that the word healing is not used in the proper medical sense that belongs to the lexicon of the College of Physicians. The word healing in this text is used in its vulgar dictionary definition to describe a personal realization of healing the inner wounds.

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