Secrets to Success & Change

Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall?

Feel like you aren’t achieving your potential?

Do you feel like something is missing in your daily life?


If you are walking a path that no longer serves you WELL and if the voice inside you is muffled with beliefs that are holding you back, overwhelming you with fear and pain; STEP into this journey where:


-You will MASTER how to release and strengthen a state of being that is relevant to you.

-You will identify the limiting beliefs which have been instilled, stopping from being you.

-You will CREATE your life around the mission your heart desires for you.

-You will SHINE and get back your powers to succeed in the journey of your path.

How to overcome the barriers that prevent you from reaching

your goals and achieving your destiny?



After hearing so many women struggle to achieve their goal, I decided to structure this program around empowering yourself and harnessing your femininity. My clients that have already gone through this program can’t praise it enough! Join me in helping you find yourself again. Let us help you bring joy and structure back into your life.

I know because that is my story. And that's the story of many women I know. For more than four decades, I have dedicated my life to understanding this energy in women. I have worked with women experiencing the same problem and phenomenon: we feel something is alive, something very important that wakes up in us, but we do not know how to reach it.

The SECRETS TO SUCCESS & CHANGE is to build an INTIMATE relationship with your FEMININE POWER.

Why build an intimate relationship with your inner FEMININE POWER where you can IGNITE. CREATE. INSPIRE. CONNECT. GROW and SHINE within confidence, and to be out there doing what you do best for a better world?

To be that Empowered WOMAN who walks tall in her own shoes!


That’s how STEPPING INTO YOUR FEMININE POWER program started. It was built for the necessity, of women like me, and you who wish to honor the aspirations and whispers of our souls but didn’t know how.


And what emerged from this exploration is simply astounding. You’ll discover that by honoring the feminine qualities and energies that make us women, you will open up an infinite source of power that you never knew existed in yourselves.


When you awaken your FEMININE POWER, the gap between the possibility that you feel for yourself and how life appeared quickly disappears.


  • You become organically connected to the deepest truth of who you are.

  • You begin to live and discover your higher goal.

  • You feel a sense of genuine confidence in your ability to attract and generate the resources you need to thrive.

  • Your relationships begin to reflect and match your values.

  • You express your gifts not only for your own expression, but in a way received, appreciated and pursued. That makes an impact on others.

  • You begin to feel spiritually connected and listening to your own inner compass.

  • You allow your family, partner, children and community to come forward, thrive and prosper.


No matter what you want to change or succeed in, the secrets to success are all the same… Allow me the honor of helping you find your true self again with the aid of my equine therapists!



  • 1: A clearer vision of how to achieve and manifest what you want in your life. The more accurate it is, the more successful you will get


  • 2: How to discover the pitfalls that sabotage your success towards your goals. When you discover the beliefs that prevent you from moving in the direction you want to go, the changes are put in place for you


  • 3: To have a new perspective on what you want in your life. Many people keep the internal debates about what they want within them, so they don't get a perspective from outside.


  • 4: You will leave this program renewed and inspired to transform your life as you want it.


When you release your FEMININE POWER the gap between the possibilities you feel for yourself and how life presents itself quickly disappears. The only thing I'm sure of is that the possibilities you feel in your clearest moments, for who you are and what your life could be, they are real. In fact, your destiny is greater than you can imagine. The opportunity you have to SUCCEED, TO CONNECT, TO SHINE AND TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE - has never been greater.



The truth is, life doesn't happen to you.

Life answers to you!

You want to...

  • -  Create a career that honors your vocation to make a difference.

  • -  Be in a relationship where you can be yourself.

  • -  Take advantage of the success you've already achieved to have a wider impact on people.


Does this sound familiar:

  • You are tired of doing it alone and yet you find it hard to let yourself be supported.

  • You feel a burning desire to express your gifts and talents in a way that makes a difference, but you don't know what it looks like. You might not even know where to start.

  • You have an idea of what you want to do but don't know how to make the transition and also support yourself financially.

  • You have good friends, or you belong to a community while still feeling lonely, and that your call is your problem to solve on your own.

  • You find that you give too much and do too much, with a constant lack of support.

  • You aspire to a partnership with someone who fits your values and vision, or you want a deeper intimacy in a relationship you are currently in.



Throughout this program not only you will discover the what, why and how. You will be guided not only by me, but also by my team of equine therapists. My horses are true partners with me and  know exactly how to guide you to transform and awaken your highest potentials to SHINE and SUCCEED on this journey.

Melanie Racicot

When I began this program, over time I quickly realized what this program brought into my daily life. I was suddenly different at work. I felt a lot more confidence and the management of my staff was much better. Even my posture had changed I looked people straight in the eye and looked more at the surrounding people. On a personal level I also noticed a lot of changes. I was suddenly able to put my limits, I will not hide that respecting my limits caused some waves. I understood over time that it is impossible not to create movement when we make changes in our lives to the delight of our personal needs



Mylene Trudelle

An experience like no other, just being among the horses, already an internal peace is taking hold; nature, the place, the horses and Christine, the whole takes place in an ultimate calm, immediately a well-being is felt. Freeing myself of beliefs that were sabotaging my advancements in my professional life, I was given tools to make things happen and the reason why we chose to work with them is why the changes happen. Working with Christine and her beautiful herd, helps to overcome, understand, and work on whatever your challenge is. The messages received are relevant and comforting.  I finished my experience richer, a sense of well-being and an internal calm that I was looking for.  An experience I won't soon forget.  Thank you, Christine and, your amazing team...your horses.

It's 3 days of intense experiential  coaching where you will:

- Work on how to free what is stopping  you to express your feminine Leadership

- Develop your authentic feminine power forces

- Positively transform your leadership to make it even more authentic and performant

- Discover the importance of the authenticity of the nonverbal through the horses' eyes

You will leave this workshop with the proper tools to reach your goals

Are you ready to take on this challenge?

To own your role as the Woman Leader??


Time; from 10:00 to 6:00

Your investment: $1225

Included: snacks, beverages and worksheets

2021 Dates to be announced


I’m Christine Tupper, creator of Stepping into your Feminine Power Program that helps women who struggle to unveil their incredible gifts by doing what they love most in life, and to succeed to create their life path with their unique genius, and make a difference in this world. / STEPPING INTO YOUR FEMININE POWER© Program / Secrets to Success & Change© 2019 - 2020