Note that the word healing is not used in the proper medical sense that belongs to the lexicon of the College of Physicians. The word healing in this text is used in its vulgar dictionary definition to describe a personal realization of healing the inner wounds.

Meditation, Well-Being and Inner Awareness Through the Horses'  Eyes™

Through the horses' eyes

A unique approach to Shamanica Stables, in inner healing and to discover your true self

Through the Horses’ Eyes

Balancing Work, Life,

Family / Esteem, Merits / Ambitions,
Work with the wisdom of horses to discover the root of your suffering and discover how to get back your power.
Here's an opportunity to think outside the box! Stop looking where? When? How? Your answers are here! Our daily life often requires us to enter a category that often does not suit us and does not resemble us, I invite you to live this unique well-being experience that will transform your life ..

The technique used is unique to Shamanica Stables, I developed it through the teachings that I received by interacting with my horses over the years.

Meditating with horses is an approach that allows us to focus and invites us to listen to our being. Horses play a big role during meditation sessions, where many questions you may have will be answered. It's also the moment for you to learn how to receive the messages that my horses have to share to you.

Inner Awareness is an in-depth work to help people from all walks of life, facing difficulties or obstacles in their daily lives. You are invited to join the herd to experience a healing, enlightenment and help at all levels in different situations that are blocking you or preventing you from moving without constraints.

Comes a moment when a horse invites you to work an aspect in you in depth. It is through the body language the horses or a horse will guide you to better understand and how to achieve it.

 How does a session unfold?
Each horse is a reflection of who we are, our mirror reflection. They represent a part of our experiences, our ambitions, our fears, our way of seeing life and who we are. As soon as we enter their world the healing begins. The horses that assist you do so voluntarily to guide you in the healing process. As much as it is a team work, during a session a horse in particular can invite you to work in duet to help you understand and find your inner well-being. Together we will seek out the limiting strain to help you find inner healing, find answers and even achieve leadership in your personal  or professional life.

Because horses live in the present moment they will manifest according to the energy you give out, they will then know what needs to be healed in you. Throughout the sessions I assist you, I deliver the messages that the horses share. All this takes place with respect for humans as well as for horses and other animals that come to you.

Who exactly are these people who seek coaching through the horses’ eyes at Shamanica Stables?
Our clientele consists of entrepreneurs, physicians, holistic practitioners, teachers, therapists, self-employed, artists, life coaches, parents and children. All these people have enjoyed the meetings with horses and have experienced results beyond their expectations.
The course of a session differs from person to person. Horses are the Conductors

At our first meeting, we will be able to establish the frequency of sessions according to the desired results and your needs.

Who can benefit from these consultations?
People who have suffered emotional trauma that causes pain, which prevents them from moving towards their goals.


Sessions are available by appointment only, the number of meetings is determined according to the needs of each and every one. I invite you to contact me to determine your personal, professional or family needs.

All the work is done on the ground. No experiments with horses are required

Through the Horses' Eyes

Private consultation


The Exploration

Inner Awareness

Let the horses guide you through each step!

Sessions are 2 hours 1/2


The Tailored

Meditation, well-being and inner awareness.

This program is designed to explore and achieve a desired first result. With and without horses, we will dig to find out what are the beliefs that are repressed within you and that prevent you from moving forward and moving easily in your personal and professional life. The modalities used without horses are energetic healing and NLP.

2 to 3 additional sessions may be required for the desired results you want to achieve.


The Ultimate

This intensive program is specifically designed to achieve the desired result, where my time is entirely devoted to you. You will experience how to release yourself, how to let go, how to express yourself and how to live in harmony with yourself in your personal and professional life.

Over a period of 3 to 12 months according to an established schedule.

Program: LiliPod
What a beautiful way for a child to discover the horse and his medicine. Your child will learn the initial care for a horse, and how to communication through the expression of the body language of horses. Your child will develop a higher esteem of his/her capabilities of interacting with others. As your child develops a relationship with the horse, he /she will discover the horse altogether, while discovering the possibility of having greater clarity in his/her thoughts and decisions.
These sessions are available to children between the ages of 7 and 16 years old. 


This program is offered in an educational form over a period of 9 sessions of an hour each.


For a precise assistance, I invite you to communicate with me.

LiliPod 2014

"Animals are the mirror of our emotional state, their behavior is guided by an invisible form of energy, I will never cease to be amazed, they make us see the invisible." Ulrike Dietmann


"This requires openness of mind to allow a horse to heal our souls".


Méditation,Bien-être et Découverte en So


Lily 2018

I have known Shamanica Stables and Christine Tupper for 8 years now.
Since these 8 years I have lived many experiences, spiritual states, soul healing, body and spirit that I cannot describe everything!
First, be aware that arriving at Shamanica Stables, something, immediately happens.
Time stops, calm, nature and fullness invade us. There is a magical, soft and positive energy in her, an atmosphere as unique and as difficult to describe.
The best is definitely to live it by offering yourself this impalpable, inexplicable but so strong experience.

Nathalie 2015

"Thank you, Christine, for your assistants, your listening during the first contact, the reception and the receptivity


The place exudes an atmosphere of harmony, love, well-being and respect.


Your approach is very different; it is personalized and attentive to our needs. Even if there is a program and a goal to achieve, it's all done at the pace of the person and not according to a rigid plan. The coaching is personalized because it is the horse or the horses that choose us and volunteer during a consultation.


Horses are wonderful messengers and therapists who unite to ensure a result even after a first meeting.


You manage in all simplicity to put words to our ills.