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             Come in and discover our universe where learning is done through the horses' eyes

Harmony, Trust and Respect

In simplicity, I bring you to become aware of your being, your space and that of the horse. I work as much with the person as with the horse. My job is to guide you and make you aware of the exchange. By using my horses as a work medium, your needs are communicated to me as soon as you arrive, because the horse that chooses you knows the work he has to do with you. Each horse is there to teach you, to show you and teach you the steps by gestural communication that is done with respect.                                                                            All workshops and trainings are on the ground.

                                                                                                       Harmony, Trust and Respect

In all simplicity, I will bring you to realize your being, your space and that of the horse. I work with both the person and the horse. My task is to guide you and bring out your awareness through the exchange.

Using my horses as a medium for my work, I can sense what is to be worked on upon your arrival. Because it is the horse who chooses you, he knows what your needs are to be able to work with you. Each horse is here to teach you, to show you and to guide you through the steps of respectful communication.

                                                    All courses and workshops are giving through ground work with the horses.


What a beautiful relation for a parent to learn and discover the horse and its medicine with their child. Together you will learn how to care for a horse, communicate with horses using body language and expression. The program includes theoretical and practical sessions where the child and the parent will develop a relationship and discover together the horse and themselves.



***Upon reservation***

Sunny Dee Light™

For horse owners and non owners

Learn the body language of horses by communicating with gestures while discovering yourself by playing with the horse. In all simplicity and respect for the human and the horse, I will teach you how to play with the horse, how to be understood by the horse or your horse.  This is the basis of any basis for better communication and a better relationship with horses.


                                                                                    *** Upon reservation***

 Nahima Epona™

Is your calling mostly dedicated towards healing animals and humans and being able to communicate with them? This course will show you how to communicate and heal all animals. You will learn how to use your insights: visual-feelings-vibrations and your hands to heal and to realize certain healing when needed.


                                                                                        ***Upon reservation***