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You and Your horse

These sessions are aimed at improving the relationship you have with your horse according to a technique I developed, and are combined with the AnthroPaNimaL technique for the achievement of your goals.

The sessions are held at your stable with your horse.

My training consists of giving you simple, safe tools to unite harmony and mutual respect during approaches.

The horse responds to a repetition of gestures, sounds, and the rider's posture. If the gestures aren't clear, the horse won't know what to do, which command to respond to and when. As all the work is done on the ground, it's important to communicate well with the horse and be aware of its presence and mood. State of mind also plays a major role in horse-human communication. Take time to observe the horse during games. Knowing "is he with me or is he with his friends is important?”

Let's not forget that the horse senses our energy long before there is any initial contact with it.

Why work on the ground and not in the saddle?

Everything you do on the ground with the horse is a reproduction of gestures and posture in the saddle. This creates trust, as you harmonize your energies by centring yourself with the horse.

Christine Tupper 


What is “You and your horse” coaching?

It's the fundamental basis for better communication and a better relationship with horses.

Your horse is constantly communicating with you, but do you understand his body language?

Simply and respectfully, I teach you how to find your resources to improve the quality of your relationship with your horse.

Opening up your perception will bring about a transformation in your animal's behaviour.

I bring you to become aware of your being, your space, and your horse's space. Taking into account all aspects of communication, your experiences, and changes in life and/or context, in order to establish a relationship of trust with your equine companion.


Our perception of a situation influences our behaviour. Opening up your perception will bring about a transformation in your animal's behaviour.

Each individual has his or her own reality and life experiences. To help you succeed with your horse, I support you in finding your solutions for a winning human-horse relationship.

My role is to guide you and make you aware of the exchange. This will lead to better communication and a better relationship in the saddle.


You will:
– Become aware of your space and your horse's space,
– Expand your understanding of how your body language can influence your horse's behaviour,

– Expand your understanding of your horse's non-verbal language
– Overcome a horse-related fear or discomfort,
– Help your horse to trust you,
– Rediscover your horse from a whole new angle
– Discover aspects of yourself that influence your daily life and are reflected in your horse
– Learn to detect the surroundings that may influence your horse's behaviour

– Gain mutual trust and respect

– Set your goals

– Wake up the leader in you!


Coaching with horses
NLP Coaching with horses.
AnthroPaNimaL - Coaching for You and Your Horse
AnthroPaNimaL - You and Your Horse -NLP Coaching

AnthroPaNimal Coaching, what does that mean?

 I am a Certified Practitioner in AnthroPaNimal Coaching; it is an assistance in order to help you find your personal resources to improve the quality of the relationship with your horse and set realistic goals.
This approach based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) takes into account commun
ication, learning, and life changes and/or contexts to establish a relationship of trust with your equine companion. Our perception of a situation influences our behaviour. An opening in the perception will bring about a transformation of the behaviours of your animal.
You want a better relationship of trust with your horse, and you cannot achieve it despite the energy you put into it. Each individual has his own reality with his life experiences. To support you and promote your success with your horse, I accompany you in the search for your own solutions toward a human-horse-winning relationship.


Mélanie 2013

Even if training is groundwork, I gained knowledge and stability as a rider and I developed a better relationship with horses.

Coaching with your horse for a better horsemanship.

You and your horse include 10 coaching sessions

In this program:
Communicating with your horse
Achieving my goals with my horse
Understanding my horse's behaviour
Recognize reactive signs before they occur
Creating a relationship of trust with my horse

Setting new goals

Fee: $2000.00 Payable in one instalment
       $460.00 Payable in 5 instalments

If you prefer individual consultations without committing to the full program
Per session:$350.00 (90 minutes)

Transportation fees may apply if you are located more than 50 km from Val-David.

Thank you, Christine, for introducing me to gestural communication with horses.

Thanks to my sessions with you, I gained self-confidence as a rider and developed a better relationship with the horses on which I took my riding lessons.
It wasn't long before I was taking level 1 jumping lessons on more difficult or level 4 horses. That's when I realized that all the work you were making me do on the ground was paying off on horseback.
Chloé 2018

Certified AnthroPaNimaL Coach
Creator of the Gestural Communication technique

Animal Communicator
Rider 1 certificate
Certified in Horse Welfare and Management

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