Gestural communication and
AnthroPaNimaL  coaching
Just for you and your horse

These gestural communication consultations are aimed at improving the relationship you have with your horse according to a technique that I developed, they can be combined with the AnthroPaNimaL technique for the achievement of goals.

The consultations are held at your stable with your horse.

Gestural communication

In simplicity and respect for humans/horses I teach you how to play with the horse to better understand.

This is the fundamental basis for better communication and a better relationship with horses.
In all simplicity, I bring you to become aware of your being, your space and that of your horse.
My assistants is to guide you and make you aware of the exchange.

You will quickly:
- become aware of your space and the space of your horse,

- expand your horizons and your understanding of the unspoken language of your horse and yours,

- overcome a discomfort or a fear related to horses,

- discover aspects of you that influence your daily life, reflecting on your horse,

- Wake-up the leader in you!


AnthroPaNimaL - Communication Gestuelle
Coaching with horses 2012
Coaching Communication Gestuelle 2012

AnthroPaNimal Coaching, what does that mean?

 I am Certified Practitioner in AnthroPaNimal Coaching; it is an assistance in order to help you find your personal resources to improve the quality of the relationship with your horse.
This approach based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) takes into account communication, your learning and life changes and / or contexts to establish a relationship of trust with your equine companion. Our perception of a situation influences our behavior. An opening in the perception will bring about a transformation of the behaviors of your animal.
You want a better relationship of trust with your horse and you cannot achieve it despite the energy you put into it. Each individual has his own reality with his life experiences. To support you and promote your success with your horse, I accompany you in the search for your own solutions towards a human-horse winning relationship.


Mélanie 2013

Even if training is ground work, one gains knowledge and stability as a rider and we develop a better relationship with horses.

coaching with horses

My work is to give you simple and safe tools to unite harmony and mutual respect during the sessions.


The horse responds to a repetition of gestures, sounds and the posture of the rider. If the gestures are not clear, the horse will not know what to do, or what command to answer too and when. All the work is done on the ground, it is important to communicate well with the horse and to be aware of his presence and his mood. The state of mind also plays a big role in horse and human communication. Take the time to observe the horse during the games. Know "is he with me or is he with his friends? »

 Let's not forget that the horse feels our energy well before there is a first contact with it. Why the importance of breathing deeply, and relaxing before handling the horse. If you are tired, you will be less patient and less likely to listen to the horse.

Why work on the ground and not on the saddle?

As I mentioned earlier, everything you do on the ground with the horse, is the reproduction of gestures and posture in the saddle. Also a trust is created because you harmonize your energies by centering yourself with the horse.

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