Life path Coaching Through the Horses’ Eyes

Who is Christine?

Christine Tupper is the creator and founder of Shamanica Stables Well-Being & Inner Awareness Through the Horses' Eyes

Christine is passionate about horses she can hear and understand the language of horses. This innate gift led her to develop her personal approach and technique which is gentle, respectful and especially according to the communication with the horses.

Certified Practitioner in ThetaHealing, AntroPaNimaL and NLP, her coaching helped many

of her clients to break free of toxic addictions, find a balance in their daily lives,

regain their power, and find the tools they need to put them into practice

A discovery in itself!

This innate gift of hearing and understanding the horses' body language has led

her to develop her technique of approach that is unique gentle and respectful.

Her experience in equine ethology she acquired by observing the behavior of

more than 45 horses that she had carefully selected, where a complicity and a

communication of confidence was established.


In 1993 she founded Au Bois de Velours an aggro-tourism centre.

With Velours who was her first filly born in 1994 from her mare MayBelle, who

together far from the critical eyes she went into the woods to develop her technique, she pursues her mission by founding Shamanica Stables in 1998.

In 2002, when Velours gave birth to Velvet, she adopted nine colts and fillies from PMU (Pregnant Mare Urine) breeding ranches, which will be introduced to her herd. It was then that her project, which she had cherished for several years already, was born, raising and training horses in respect and according to her own technique and which was developed and refined by listening, studying and observing her horses interact.

 In 2003, she welcomed her first client in Inner Awareness Through the Horses’ Eyes™. And since then, in addition to Inner Awareness sessions, she has taught several people her gestural communication technique (Sunny Dee Light) while integrating the basics of inner awareness.

Since 2003 to today her horses have led her to develop different levels of assisting her clientele always for the purpose of well-being and inner awareness through the horses’ eyes™.

In 2010 she adds a new modality, teaching Communication and energetic healing within for animals and humans.


My human team


Birth of Velours May 18 1994

Méditation,Découverte en soi


Birth of Velvet June 7 2002