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Life path Coaching Through the Horses’ Eyes


My name is Christine Tupper, I am the creator and founder of the Centre for Well-Being and Self Discovery Through the Horses’ eyes Shamanica Ranch.



My Life Experience

Very young, I had a passion for horses, I loved their presence, caressing them and listening to them. My ability to understand the non-verbal behaviour of these animals, as well as to hear their whispers in my ears, was the defining moment of my life as an adult.


I acquired my experience in equine ethology by studying the behaviour of more than 45 horses living in herds on my ranch for nearly three decades. As they set hoof on my ranch, complicity and a communication of trust were already established because all the horses have been carefully selected without coincidence over the years.


Having developed a keen sense of observation of the non-verbal language of horses, this led me to develop my technique of approaching them according to their teachings in a gentle and respectful manner.


My passions are not limited to horses; I have over 40 years of experience in alternative holistic health and wellness.


In 2003, by combining my passion for horses and their teachings with my holistic perspective of coaching people who wish to optimize their well-being  "Self Discovery through the horses’ eyes™" an equine assisted mindfulness technique came to be. My approach is unique with a technique composed of personalized programs that originated from a coaching method facilitated by my herd of horses that I developed to meet your needs in the healing process of the soul and heart.


You will discover how to release your limiting beliefs to facilitate the realization and achievement of your goals, to regain balance in your daily life.


We will guide you to own your personal or professional power and find the tools you need to put into place the changes within you.

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Christine Tupper- Écurie ShamanicaJPG
My human team


Birth of Velours May 18 1994


Birth of Velvet June 7 2002

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