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      9 SENSES

Is your life mission to help people achieve balance in their lives?

The 9 SENSES course is an art, a method, and a technique of communication that horses teach us.


From my 26 years of experience of working with my horses, I developed the 9 SENSE method mainly from listening, observing and my understanding of my horses' body language. Since 2003 I have accompanied people toward their well-being with the help of my horses, who share my mission with their constant presence and always voluntarily.


The 9 SENSES method is a course entirely devoted to learning to help humans progress, achieve and discover themselves in their life paths through work in relation to horses.

You will discover and develop your 9 SENSES to better understand them from a simple glance. Being able to share with your clients what the horses teach by their interactions with such precision. The art of communication and perception will go beyond developing feelings, which facilitates our understanding of sign language in horses.

In the accompaniment with horses, compatibility with your horse is the most important key; knowing how to recognize if your horse wants to share your mission.
“Knowing how to respect the life mission of the horse over ours.” He chooses to support you in your mission to coach people by facilitating the steps toward their well-being.


“When you know how to listen to your horse and understand it by the way it moves, you have already progressed in your learning.” 

9 SENSE is a unique technique towards a connection of spiritual discovery by working together with horses and humans.


9 SENSE training is for you if:

  • You are a therapist, coach, consultant! 9 SENSE training is perfect to introduce the horse into your practice and develop a new winning approach to support your clientele guided by the horse.


  • You are a coach in the equestrian field! 9 SENSE training is also for you! You will discover an approach that will help develop confidence in your students to make them better riders.


  • You want to have a better understanding of the equine language and learn to work in unison, horse/human? This is also for you.


You will develop all your 9 SENSES by having this special connection with the horse to better guide your clientele in their life journey.

“The limits are only your fears and ego that fills the space between you and the horse”.

                                                                           Harmony, Trust, and Respect

Throughout your training, I teach you to become aware of your being, of your space as well as that of the horse in simplicity and ease. You will learn and discover how to broaden your horizons in front of this majestic, powerful and curious animal.

Although the horse has been domesticated for more than 2,000 years, it remains fearful and fleeing, its instinct for survival and flight remains present. It is this great sensitivity that allows horses to demonstrate to humans the subtleties in their deepest being. They perceive our energy well before the first contact and this without judgment. It is through his vulnerability, his natural instinct and his behaviour in a herd that he guides us toward transformations while discovering how to survive our injuries and surpass ourselves.

This teaching allows you to harmonize and to feel all the energies and the elements which surround you. You will learn how to develop your 9 SENSES and develop mutual trust in a respectful and intuitive human-horse relationship.

Specific exercises are carried out in the middle of the herd of horses. During these exercises, each of the horses is there voluntarily for you, to show you and teach you the steps to follow.

During the 9 SENSE course, you will discover the # 1 tools which are the fundamental and respectful bases for learning how to become the trusted partner of your horse.

It is a great way to work and help people through the horses’ eyes ™.

Discover our universe of healing and learning through the horses’ eyes.



Remember during the 9 SENSE training,

  • You will discover the # 1 tools which are the fundamental and respectful bases for learning how to become the trusted partner of your horse.

  • You will Discover our universe of healing and learning through the horses’ eyes.


9 SENSES Through the Horses’ Eyes ® 2020 programming

The 9 SENSES training includes 4 Modules, per block of 3 to 4 days depending on the program, over a period of 6 months

Everything is done step by step depending on the horse, which will teach you the understanding of body and sign language as well as to develop trust between you, your clientele and your horse.

You will receive a certificate at the end of the training.

Be comfortable among horses

Having access to horses to practice


Mélanie, I had a very busy schedule when I signed up for this course, so I took four years to complete this training. Christine’s support and teachings are done in such a calm, listening, respectful way and above all at our own pace and in complete safety. I will not hide from you that at first I found it special and did not really understand how it could happen. Time has done its work. One day, Christine said to me, “You too can do the same!” She saw in me a few things that I did not see. Another great experience started for me. A world of discovery opened up inside me. WOW !! In return, I can help people by serving as a common thread like my mentor Christine. I have grown from this training because it opened a door for me to accompany clients alongside Christine on several occasions. Christine and her horses have played a big role in my life, and I am very grateful to them.

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