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Through the Eyes of my Horses

Who are my horses that accompany you on the path toward getting back your inner well-being?

They are horses born of a passion to help humans, who have chosen to share with me this unique and magical mission.


Once we cross the barriers, we enter the territory of the horses. Already the horses look at us, observe us, and an exchange of energy takes place.

Your therapists

A session with the horses

Coaching facilitated with horses.

"The horse teaches man the mastery of himself, and the ability to penetrate into the thoughts and sensations of other living being."      ~ Alois Podhajskyntre

                            Catherine Jan 24, 2018




Hi Christine, I came to your home for a wonderful session with your beautiful horses about 3-4 years ago. We also had a guided mediation together afterwards. I admire a lot the work you do; you are a source of inspiration. And my afternoon spent at your centre will remain engraved in my memory forever.

Thank you again for your great generosity to you and your beautiful gang :)

Découverte en Soi 2014

Velvet is Velours filly born June 7th 2002 Within the first hours following her birth, she was rushed to the veterinary hospital. She knows how to comfort you.

Sexy Lynn

Sexy Lynn is a PMU Rescue born in April 2002 She arrived on the ranch on October 8th 2002. With Sexy Lynn it's all about playing.


Téquilla is a PMU Rescue born in May 2002. He arrived at the ranch on October 8th 2002 His mission is to teach you how to not fear what life presents you.

Alyssia Blue Key

Alyssia is a PMU Rescue born in May 2002. She arrived at the ranch on October 8th 2002. Her mission is to bring you to connect with your inner self.

Sunny Dee Light

Sunny is a PMU Rescue born in April 2002. He arrived on the ranch on October 8th 2002 His mission is to guide you into the present.


Sweetie is a PMU Rescue born in April 2002. She arrived at the ranch on October 8th 2002. Her mission is to show your how to take your space.


Lily is my sweet donkey, I adopted her in October 2013 She was born in 2009 Lily represents the “ME”, she will show me where you stand and what options are offered to you.

Cinderella (Cindy)

Cindy arrived here in 2016 Born in 2007, she is the youngest mare in the herd. She just knows how to bring you to identify what you need to know.


Judy was born in 1990 She is a visitor at the ranch since 2016 She teaches us the importance to express ourselves.


Kaisy was born in 2006. She was a visitor here from 2016 through 2023. She retired to another ranch and is no longer part of the team. She taught you how to get back your self-esteem.


In memory of MayBelle 1976 - 2011 She arrived at the ranch in July 1993. She was my confident. She gave birth to a beautiful filly named Velours on May 18th 1994.


In memory of Brume, 1984 - 2012 Brume arrived at the ranch in July 1993 She was my mentor who taught me to trust what I already knew about horses.

Twilight Mood

In memory of Twilight May 2002 - May 2015 Twilight was a PMU Rescue I adopted her with 8 other colts and fillies which all arrived in October 2002.


In memory 1993 - Sept 17 2021 Mandy was born in 1993 I adopted her in June 2017 along with her best friend Laïka. She will guide you to see what is being put into place for you.

New Look

In memory Feb 2001 - Dec 26 2021 New Look is a retired jumper due to injuries. Born in 2001 I adopted him in October 2013 New Look knows how to gently bring you through the changes that occur in your life


In memory May 18 1994 - Feb 26 2022 Velours is born here on the ranch on May 18th 1994 her mom was MayBelle She is the leader mare of the herd. It is with Velours that I developed my unique technique to work with horses. It's all about body language


In memory of Laïka June 2003 - Nov. 28 2023 I adopted her along with her best friend Mandy in June 2017 Laïka spoke about freedom, and now she is free.

Note that the word healing is not used in the proper medical sense that belongs to the lexicon of the College of Physicians. The word healing in this text is used in its vulgar dictionary definition to describe a personal realization of healing the inner wounds.

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