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Animal Communicator and energy healing     
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Formation Nahima Epona Communication et
I discovered that I could communicate with animals from a very young age. This ease of hearing them and understanding their messages meant that later in my life, I was able to accompany them in the face of different situations as I did for humans.

This training is the sharing of my more than 40 years of experience in the field of holistic care. You will learn to use your intuition: visual-felt-vibratory as well as your hands in order to carry out a treatment that requires it.

This training already helps many people to perfect their techniques in animal communication, massage therapy, and energetic care as well as therapists, technicians, and practitioners working in the field of human/animal well-being.

By working without any interference or intermediary, but with the Creator who is also called according to each belief: the Source, the Life, the Divine, the Universe, God, All, you will discover in simplicity how to work with this energy pure as well as with your innate intuition.

With animals, because they do not speak in words, but use body language, some details may escape us. In order to be able to understand them, we use a technique of energy and vibration communication.

I suggest this program that will meet what you are looking for. ​The program encompasses Animal Communication and Energy Healing for Animals and Humans. It's a perfect combination!


Animal communication and energy healing are calling you more than anything!


The method taught is the one I have practised since 1978. A gift that I have been able to perfect over the years in order to obtain better results.  


This training will teach you how to connect yourself to communicate with animals and how to help humans regain their well-being. You will learn to use your intuition: visual-felt-vibratory and your hands to achieve a care that requires the need.


The complete program consists of 45 hours of training.


How to improve a technique in itself—all the tools are in you!

How to break free from our own limitations

How to Connect to Divine Source

How to command a treatment

How to communicate with animals

How to Remove Limiting Beliefs

How to instill new programs

How to listen to animal and human needs

How to Manifest Self Healing—Abundance


You can choose to take this training here onsite, in person, or remotely from the comfort of your home via webinar.


You will practice and experience energy healing for yourself and for other persons.

On the premises

Duration: 9 days (twice a week)

5-hour sessions from 10:00 to 4 o'clock


In the comfort of your home online ZOOM

Duration: 18 days 

2 hours 1/2 per session from 1:00 to 3:30

Total investment:


Private lessons:


When subscribing, a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 required

​Payable in full on the subscription or in 4 equal payments

You will receive a certificate certifying that you have followed and completed each step.

Prices are indicated in Canadian dollars

Please note that at no time energy healing will replace the care of a veterinarian or professional physician and that no medical diagnosis can be given without any medical knowledge and training.

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