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Arôma animal well-being
Animal Aromatherapy Specialist

Arôma bien-être animal

How does an animal aromatherapy session work?

Essential oils are a good way to help your pet regain emotional and physical well-being and balance.

The first step is to discuss your concerns about your animal, to learn more about him.


  • Does your pet have health problems?

  • Does your pet have behavioural issues?


Once the issues are known, I will advise you on the steps to follow in the days following the session.

I use only certified pure essential oils that are safe for animals.

There is a follow-up after this initial consultation to see how your pet is progressing.

Rates for a consultation
Duration varies between 45 minutes to 1-1/2 hour depending on the case and animal.


In-person: $175.00* (travel expenses may apply)

Initial consultation via Zoom to determine your pet's needs.
Once on site, an initial session with essential oils and application of various holistic techniques.
Advice on how to continue aromatherapy sessions with your pet.
Samples of the essential oils used for your pet.
30-minute virtual follow-up, one week after the initial visit


Zoom — Email — Messenger sessions: $125.00


Includes initial consultation
Advice on how to use and continue aromatherapy sessions with your pet
30-minute virtual follow-up, one week after the initial consultation

*If you're working with essential oils you have on hand, make sure they're safe for pets, otherwise, I'll guide you in purchasing the essential oils you'll need for your pet*.


*Travel fees are added to the rates according to the additional distance to be covered within a radius of 200 km


If you're like me, the health of my animals is important. When I work with animals, I only use pure, certified therapeutic essential oils. I'll make sure I'm not harming his health with products that are harmful and toxic to his health.


Why do I use doTERRA essential oils?
They are the most trusted and widely used essential oils by veterinarians.


Get 50% off a consultation if you sign up for a doTERRA member account.
As a member, you'll receive 25% off the retail price of all doTERRA products.


To order your essential oils
doTERRA essential oils

Animal Aromatherapy — Health Wellness, Musculoskeletal & Behavioural

  • Horses

  • Cats

  • Dogs

  • Poultry and farm animals

Animal Energy healing and Communicator
Equine Welfare and Management
Coaching, You and your horse

To book an appointment

For a virtual or in-person consultation

The natural and holistic health approach in no way replaces the care of a veterinarian. If you have any concerns about your pet's health, I recommend that you consult your veterinarian first.


At no time will I diagnose, treat or cure your pet's health problems. Once again, this is the domain of veterinarians.

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